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About us

Astraea's beginning Heather's passion on her travels and while living out west was searching out quaint local coffee shops. She loved how cheerful, sweet and peaceful they could be and full of personality!

When she moved to VB to practice physical therapy she brought her passion to life to share in the courthouse community area of Virginia Beach. Now she is a military wife and step mom of 3 who enjoy working at the shop to make it beautiful for other families and playing in the yard. Astraea has been blessed with a sweet and caring manager and team that bring endless smiles, laughs, and of course amazing coffee and fresh food. (Of course we are a little biased) We hope you enjoy Astraea as much as our Astraea family does!

Thank you,

Heather Doré

About the Manager

I have been in the coffee business for seven years as a barista and manager and Astraea is the highlight of my career so far. I love putting a smile on our customer's faces everyday with a specially crafted cup of coffee. The team at Astraea is caring and committed and we love having awesome conversations with our customers. We make it a special place for special people.

MaiLe Popiela

Liberty. Justice. Coffee For All.